Fred and Dan Wahpepah

Kickapoo and Sac-and-Fox Elders

Fred Wahpepah, a Kickapoo and Sac-and-Fox elder, speaks about preservation of the Earth centered spirituality of his forebears. His son, Dan Wahpepah, joins his father to share stories and songs. Fred has a special interest in sharing Native wisdom with people from all nations and provides an opportunity for a growing community of people to participate in traditional Native American ceremonies. Dan is a drumkeeper and lead singer for a pow wow drum called Whistling Elk.

Fred Wahpepah was born in rural Oklahoma in 1930. In 1975, he attended his first Native American spiritual gathering since his childhood, inspiring him to spend the next sixteen years on the road studying with various tribal elders. He has since become a pipe carrier and participant in the Sundance ceremony. Dan Wahpepah grew up on the red road traveling with his father, always going to a ceremony, a spiritual gathering, a Sundance, or to visit at someone's home. He is the founder of the Red Earth Descendants, a community group in Southern Oregon.

In his years of seeking and studying Fred has forged personal relationships with spiritual leaders around the world. Ram Das is quoted as saying, "I highly respect the work of Fred Wahpepah. Personally I have participated in a Sweat Lodge and a Pipe Ceremony under his guidance. I found the experience purifying and I felt deeply appreciative of being allowed to participate in such a sacred ceremony."

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